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Cumbria are always up against it when it comes to playing Lancashire but after two players had to withdraw at short notice, they were replaced by much lower graded players. This made our task harder but not impossible. A couple of early wins by Martin Gawne (Ulverston) and Clive Hutchby (Keswick), inspired our squad to push harder. Kevin Southernwood, Lewis McAtear (both Penrith), Gary Boswell (Ulverston), George Horne (Barrow) and Mark Mallard (SASRA), all managed to hold their opponents to a draw. So, had the match been over 7 boards, we would have won already but, Eggert Fruchtenicht (Penrith) picked today to be the rare occasion when he loses a game (though I'm certain his opponent had something to do with it). Jon Duffield (Barrow) lost his game to a fierce attack by a demure young lady but Gerry Rowan (Penrith) kept hope alive by drawing with an opponent graded more than 50 points higher and probably 50 years younger! Peter Caulfield (Ulverston) eventually succumbed to, Lancashire Captain, Bill O'Rourke. The score now 6 - 5 to Lancashire with only one board left in play...mine (Andy McAtear, Penrith). I had offered my opponent a draw much earlier in the game but he declined. He now offered me a draw but, as I knew the current scoreline and I had a decent plan and I was the Captain, I declined. I did miss a forced mate (or two) but my plan turned out to be a good one and I won!! (You can see this game on the games page). So we drew the match despite being graded, on average, 12 points lower on every board.
....Andy McAtear.